Top Tips to Keep your Home Safe & Secure

Avon and Somerset Constabulary state that in January 2017 alone there were 958 cases of burglary, and that’s just the ones that were reported. Clearly, Bristol’s homes and business are at risk. So what steps can we take to lower the risk to ourselves and our properties? And how can we get a little piece of mind when we leave our homes unattended?

Opportunist thieves

It is a fact that most burglaries are committed by opportunist thieves. In 25% of cases the perpetrator does not event need to use force, they merely open a door or window. Just think how simply these cases could have been prevented, or if not, how we could have made it more difficult for the thief. The following advice is recommended. Lock your windows and doors when you are out, even if it is just for a brief trip. Why not install a light that is sensitive to movement, or on a timer? And try to look at your house as though you are a potential thief, I know it is difficult, but how would you approach your house? A light would be one huge deterrent.


A security bulk-head light fitted on the front and back of your house will help keep you safe. Dusk to dawn sensors and low energy bulbs will maximize the potential of such lights. Another nice feature is the ‘courtesy light,’ which helps visitors navigate their way in to your house, but also lights up the main entrances making them less vulnerable. As far as internal lighting goes, leaving a landing light on, or a kitchen light, will give the impression that someone is home. Remember, an occupied house is a safe house.


It might sound obvious to some but alarms are a great way to keep your house safe. We have all suffered from a malfunctioning alarm going off all day or night, so please, it is important to get your alarms fitted by professionals and to maintain them. How else are they going to do their job?


Keep keys hidden and out of sight. They make the criminal’s task a lot easier, and are a sign that the householder is careless and lax with their security. When you are away trust your keys to a friend or neighbour, and ask if they will kindly check in on your property while you are gone. And when you move to a new house change the front and back door keys so that the previous owners don’t have keys to your new home.


Hopefully these few steps will keep you safe and give you peace of mind.

For more advice on keeping your home safe from intruders, contact our local Bristol Security Company

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Crime Rates in Bristol

It’s a sad fact that crime rates in Bristol are ever growing, but one we must come to terms with. Avon and Somerset Constabulary report that in January 2017 alone there were 2,391 cases of anti-social behaviour, 958 of burglary, 113 of robbery, 1,074 of vehicle related crimes,  3,656 violent crimes, and a shocking 52 cases of crimes which involved the use of weapons. Imagine how statistics like this could affect your day to day life and business.

Headlines such as, “Violent crime in Bristol increases by 30 per cent” from the 19 April 2017 Bristol Post do little to comfort us. “Every force in England and Wales, bar Nottinghamshire, recorded significant increases in serious incidents – with a rise in reported knife is also giving police chiefs cause for concern,” they write. The report goes on to say that some areas of Bristol have seen an increase of 50% over the last year, which fits in with the bigger picture of what is happening all over the UK.

When Police fired a Taser at their own race relations adviser the situation reached new lows. 63 year old Judah Adunbi was mistook for a man wanted by the police in Easton, and is seen being Tasered in particularly harrowing video footage. The Guardian quoted him saying that, “I felt that was it. Because of the way I fell back. The way I fell backward on the back of my head. I was just paralysed. I thought that was it. I thought they were taking my life.”

The Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) has been informed and the incident will be thoroughly investigated. But surely this is a sign that events out on the streets are getting ever more difficult to deal with, and that a paralysing confusion setting in.

In January 2017 there were also 973 cases of shoplifting, 1,287 of criminal damage and arson, 212 of drugs related crimes, and 206 cases of bike theft. How are we to deal with statistics like this?

Thankfully there are measures we can take to defend ourselves and our loved ones. In the 2016 policy paper ‘Modern crime prevention strategy,’ the six drivers of crime are set out. Opportunity, character, effectiveness of the criminal justice system, profit, drugs, and alcohol are listed as the key factors we must take into consideration. But first and foremost is opportunity. Please, do not let criminals have the opportunity to target you, and consider how you can use our security guard services in Bristol to safeguard yourself.

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Bristol security guard services

Bristol is known across the country as a hub of creativity and industry, and people travel far and wide for our unique and entertaining events. Whether it is music, the arts, technology, or engineering, a crowd is sure to descend of the South West. And with this regular influx of visitors comes the need for proper Bristol security staffing and event security. Remember that the industry standard is to have at least one security guard for every hundred people. At the Ashton Court Balloon Fiesta it is not uncommon to see 100,000 people attend each of the four days of the event. That’s a large security presence required.

We see security guards everywhere, when we go to such events, but few of us get to ask, what do security guards actually do? What does the role involve, and how do they help to keep us safe?

Typical activities for a Bristol  security guard services include the monitoring of alarms and closed-circuit television cameras; the control of access in and out of a site, for visitors and workers; security checks such as bag searches; the protection of property and the enforcement of the law; and if things get bad, they are there to write reports for the police on what has happened, to interview witnesses for evidence, and to nab the perpetrators.

Being a security guard involves adapting to new situations quickly and sussing out the new terrain promptly. They are used to working odd shift patterns and making connections with new colleagues. They need to be good communicators, good listeners, observant, smart, and amiable.

A lot of their day might be spend on foot and so fitness is a must. In Bristol they could be monitoring a single area or patrolling a large stretch of ground. They also might be static for some time in a guardroom or at an entry point.

It is predicted that over the next ten years the sector will grow by at least another 5.1%, and so clearly, this is a trade that is in demand.

As the world becomes more and more unstable, and the security of the general public is put at further risk, roles like this will be in great demand.

So the next time you see a security guard at an event stop to say hello, or thank them for the good work. You would be surprised how much a little gesture like this is appreciated.

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SIA License Qualifications and Other Information

In order to be permitted to work in the UK Security Industry, you must first pass an SIA – Security Industry Authority – approved course, and meet all other licensing requirements set by the industry’s governing body. Before you apply for the license, it is important to make sure that you meet all necessary requirements first, to save yourself time and money.

Associated Licensing Costs

Obtaining a security license costs £220 and is valid for three years, after which point you must renew your license. The only exception to this is the vehicle immobilizer license, in which case the license costs £220 but is only valid for one year. Additionally, for anyone who is applying for more than one security license, the second license will be discounted fifty percent. All license costs are non-refundable, so it is important to make sure that everything is in order before applying.

Length of the Process

It is the SIA’s goal to process at least eighty percent of all correctly submitted applications within twenty-five business days. This time officially begins once your application is entered into the system, and ends on the day that a verdict has been reached. In the event that your application fails to be validated for any reason, such as it is incorrectly filled out, or documents are missing, then the clock stops, and resets once you re-submit your application with the supplementary information or documents. Any complex application i.e. one that requires more in-depth criminal records checks or verifications may take longer than twenty-five business days.

Criminal Record

If you have a criminal record, you are not necessarily barred from obtaining an SIA security license. A decision regarding your ability to be licensed will be made based on the following:

  • Whether the SIA considers your offence(s) relevant to their licensing decision
  • The actual sentence given to you for your offence(s)
  • How recently your offence(s) was/were committed

The SIA provides all potential applicants with a free criminal record indicator designed to let you know before you apply for a license, whether or not you will meet the criminal record criteria.

It should be noted that while the SIA does not normally seek out information about applicants that has not been tested in criminal courts, if such information is volunteered to the SIA by local authorities or the like, or if the information is obtained through the SIA’s own sources, the information will be considered.


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Clevedon Door Supervisor Requirements

One of the most high-profile security industry jobs is that of Door Supervisor, as well as one of the most important. Every city in the UK has clubs, pubs, and bars, which means that every security company in Bristol and the UK has door supervisors. If you are physically fit, enjoy working with people, and are looking for a career in safety and security, that of door supervisor might be perfect for you. Take a look at the information below regarding requirements for the position, as well as job expectations.

In order to work as a door supervisor in Clevedon (as well as the rest of the UK), you are required to hold a special license. In order to receive a door supervisor license, there are a few things you will need:

  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Pass a criminal record check
  • Complete an approved door supervisor training course

It is worth noting that simply because you have a criminal record does not necessarily preclude you from being awarded your door supervisor license.

Approved Training Course

There are 4 training modules, as well as 3 examinations required to pass and receive your door supervisor license. The training modules are as follows:

  • Core Learning for Common Security Industry Knowledge
  • Door Supervisor Specialist Module
  • Conflict Management Module
  • Physical Intervention Skills Module

If you already possess a door supervisor qualification which is less than 3 years old, this may allow you to bypass much or all of the training in order to apply for a license. Once you have received your door supervisor license, you must renew your license every 3 years to ensure that your knowledge remains sharp.

Additionally, if you wish to take further training courses to become proficient in such areas as crowd management; you can do so in order to become qualified to work at larger venues, for example stadiums.

Duties and Responsibilities

As a door supervisor, your primary responsibility is to judge the suitability of those entering your establishment. This can entail a variety of tasks, such as making sure that patrons are not underage, carrying dangerous drugs or weapons, and are acceptable for entry. Other duties may also include the following:

  • Managing crowds
  • Enforcing dress codes
  • Diffusing and deescalating conflict
  • Restraining/ escorting patrons from the premises
  • Handling emergencies
  • Cooperating with police and other authorities
  • Patrolling inside and outside of the venue

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The Duties of Hospital Security Guards

There are many different kinds of security guards, each tasked and trained differently to handle their specific jobs. While many of their various functions overlap, some do not. Security guards working the entrance of a pub or club will have a vastly different role and daily clientele than say a retail security guard. The former will want to be as visible as possible and is likely to deal with rowdy, belligerent patrons, while retail security guards may want to be far more incognito in order to apprehend shoplifters, and will find dealing with theft to be far different from breaking up fights.

Hospital security guards are another category of security guard who have specialized, unique roles. In addition to ensuring that hospitals and other NHS areas are accessible and safe for patients, visitors, as well as medical staff, hospital security guards are charged with protecting the building and the very expensive healthcare equipment inside it. Hospital security guards are also far more likely to come into contact with sick or injured persons and may therefore be trained in basic CPR and other emergency procedures in the event that they are first responders.

Monitoring NHS sites

Security is taken quite seriously by the NHS. Patients must feel safe and secure while in hospital, and as such, a firm security presence is paramount to smooth daily operation. Access to various wings, branches, and departments of hospitals must be restricted to relevant personnel only for the safety of all, as well as any emergencies handled appropriately and quickly.

Other Functions

Chepstow security guards have many other jobs and roles within hospitals. Aside from monitoring premises, guards are charged to:

  • Ensure visitors and non-staff have legitimate reasons to be in the hospital
  • Keep accurate log of all visitors
  • Issue access passes
  • Deal with any incidents or emergency on campus
  • Diffuse tense situations
  • Remove trespassers
  • Call police or other emergency services whenever deemed necessary
  • Monitor all hospital CCTV
  • Patrol hospital grounds

Present-Day Safety Concerns

In this day and age, a wide variety of safety concerns are present that have not always been something anyone worried about just a few years ago. Just last year at Nevill Hall Hospital in Abergavenny, a jealous husband broke in and assaulted his wife, who worked as a nurse there. The woman was saved by her medical colleagues, and though the hospital did not have a security guard presence then, it has since allocated hundreds of thousands of pounds to resolve that matter.


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What Can Bristol Security Guards Do For You?

You may think that security guards are only for hospitals, fronts of pubs, clubs, or ritzy corporate headquarters, but the reality is that the security industry has grown to be as versatile and changing as your needs. No matter how big or small the job, security firms are out there, keeping their clients safe and secure, giving them peace of mind.

If you have a Bristol-based home, business, corporation, festival or event, consider hiring a private security firm to manage all of your security needs. Bristol security companies can make your life simpler, safer, and cheaper with some incredibly valuable services. Take a look at the list below for some information about what a Bristol security firm can do for you, whatever your particular needs.

Manned Guarding

Not just some of the time, but all of the time, Bristol security firms provide manned guards to your site any time of the day, any day of the year. Security Industry Authority – SIA – badged and licensed security personnel are available to attentively guard your site. Whether it’s for just a few hours, or several days in duration, they will serve as watchers, protectors, and deterrents to any would-be offenders.

Mobile Patrols

Mobile patrols can be an extremely valuable service. Either on foot, or by vehicle, Bristol security guards will patrol your site at regular intervals or random intervals to ensure that your locale remains safe and secure. Perfect for larger sites, such as open construction sites, mobile patrols can be an excellent way to cover a large area efficiently and economically.

Opening / Closing Premises

If your business handles large amounts of money, or has crime concerns, security guards can take all of the stress and hassles of opening and closing the premises from you. They will not only ensure that your business is open on time every day like clockwork, but they will also guarantee that it stays safe and protected.

Event / Retail Security

Shoplifting is a major concern for businesses all across the UK and Bristol is no exception. Security guards hired to take care of retail premises during and after open hours can help save your business loads. Most Bristol security firms offer very affordable services, making the choice an easy one. Don’t leave the safety of your business up to fate; take matters into your own hands, and contact a Bristol security firm today.

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How Clevedon is at the Front of the Crime Wave

If you live in the Clevedon area, then you are likely to have been a victim of crime in the last two or three years. Crime is extremely high in this area, higher than in ports and in some parts of Bristol itself. Protecting homes and businesses in Clevedon is a full-time job, with around 100 crimes reported each month in the area. This is a high rate of crime that needs to be stamped out as quickly as possible. One of the biggest threats to homeowners and businesses is the rise of criminal damage.

Criminal damage in Clevedon

There has been a growing trend for crime in Clevedon to be violent, and both criminal damage and arson are one of the leading causes of problems in the area. Criminal damage targeted at businesses can be extremely costly, and in just one example, a charity car was damaged to the tune of £500. Most of this type of crime is just mindless violence, and in the charity attack in 2011, the vehicle was covered in graffiti and its rear door was severely damaged. The car was clearly described as being for the charity – helping the blind – and so the criminals knew that they were targeting a charity car.

Targeting shops

Another prime target for criminal damage is shops, particularly those which have standard working hours. When the shops are closed, and without security, vandals seem to take delight in breaking windows, kicking down doors, or trying to set the place alight. Along with general theft, this type of damage can be a drain on the profits of the company, and there is really only one solution, which is to improve the security in the business, and target vandals for prosecution when they can be identified.

Businesses stepping up to the mark

There are several ways in which businesses can help to protect the surrounding area, and one of the most important is through the use of private Clevedon security companies. By using security teams throughout the day, you can start to tackle the problem of vandalism in the area. CCTV cameras and a working security team at night can protect closed shops from being targeted by vandals, and can also help you in gathering evidence of criminal activity. By using more security, businesses are better able to protect themselves, and their neighbourhoods from vandalism.

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How Security Helped Avonmouth & Portbury Make News

In August of this year, large areas of land around Portbury and Avonmouth were sold off by Bristol City Council. The land sale amounted to around £10 million, and was mostly freehold land which was already occupied by the buyers of the land, the Bristol Port Company. This company was privatised in 1991, but it still had to lease the land on around 2,500 acres in the Portbury and Avonmouth areas. The Port Company were regularly investing money into the land and businesses on that land, and so the purchase of the acres makes practical sense for the future of Bristol Port.

Why is the sale different?

The purchase of Port freehold land is extremely rare in this country, with most privatised port companies preferring to simply have the lease on the freehold land. These leases can last for up to 150 years, but there is a risk in buying this land, and that is that it is not very well secured. Without proper fencing and teams of security guards, the land would be exposed to criminal activity. This places the company at risk of liability, and most companies are just not prepared to put money into land which could end up costing them. This means that any purchase of council land by the Port Company must come with a reasonable reliance upon security.

Security is vital for ports

With most ports under threat from immigrant arrivals into the UK, it is essential to be able to secure all areas of land owned by the Port Company. Land which is leased is not necessarily as highly secured, since the land belongs to the local council, and they have to take responsibility for the security of their land. Lack of efficient security within the property falls back onto the Port Company when they purchase the land.

Creating better security at the Ports

If you are concerned about the amount of security required by ports in the area, then you should be reassured by the news of the sale. The money which has been raised by the selling of the freeholds means that the council has an extra 10 million in the bank that can now be used to help the people of Portbury and Avonmouth. With extra security companies in Avonmouth port, and more money in the council, this seems like a win-win situation for everyone.

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